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14 July 2021

Women's fights.

by Jason Stone

BBC Sport: “Ladies Wimbledon Final” - 2 mins 40s

Tennis is one of those rare sports where the women's game has parity with the men's. Unlike sports such as football and cricket where female competitors are scrambling to achieve a tenth of the recognition of their male peers, tennis's women have long been considered superstars, and have been handed the same amount of prize money as the men for nearly fifteen years.

Even so, not everyone buys into the idea that the men's and women's games are equal… and women can still be made to feel theirs is the lesser event. Many fans of the sport would argue that the opposite is true… the women are far less dependent on a 'shock and awe' serve than their male counterparts, and this very often leads to much more interesting play. But Men's world number one Novak Djokovic argued as recently as 2016 that "male tennis players should earn more money than their female counterparts because more people watch them play".

This film – which was shown just before last Saturday's final – beautifully reminds the audience that the women have every right to consider themselves the equal of the men. Using clips from across the years, it prompts us with one memory after another as women battle each other on the hallowed turf, but always seemingly part of a sorority to which there is no male equivalent. As always, it's Serena Williams who most catches the eye, but watch out for a lovely moment featuring Steffi Graf and an admirer in the crowd.

The film was written by Katie Bailey and edited by Nick Perry, both of whose surnames carry something of a Wimbledon legacy.

Director: Katie Bailey / Nick Perry
Editor: Nick Perry
Voiceover: Miriam Margolyes
Written By: Katie Bailey

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