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13 January 2022

Watch your emergency?

by Andrew MacGregor

Apple Watch: “911” - 60s

No one who calls 911 expects their pleas for help to be used in an Apple Watch commercial, but thatís precisely whatís happened here. Part ad, part documentary, the tense work features the voices of Jason, Jim, and Amanda, who each contact the emergency services via their smartwatches.

Whether it's a broken leg, a sinking vehicle, or a paddleboarder swept out to sea, the tension is palpable as the three victims provide sitreps. On the other end of the line are operators who must make pain, fear, and uncertainty bearable for as long as possible.

The use of real-life audio will be troubling to some, but it does suggest the advertised watch is more than an expensive plaything. That said, as the small print indicates, not every emergency will take place in areas with good mobile coverage.

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