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30 October 2020

Dark necessities.

by Andrew MacGregor

Adidas: “Triple Black (Director's Cut)” - 58s

Supple visuals and an Afrobeat soundtrack propel this Adidas commercial from director Billy Pols. Scored by a track from Ghanian DJ Gowaa, the ad draws attention to a new range of all-black trainers. Call it minimalism, or the Spinal Tap approach to sneaker design, but seemingly the idea is to avoid disastrous colour clashes.

It works for the cast who turn abandoned warehouses, offices, other spaces into their personal dance studios. Whereas some dance-centric ads struggle to maintain interest, Pols and DP Jurgen Lisse use topsy-turvy camerawork and stab-quick cuts to absorbing effect. The well-chosen soundtrack only amplifies theirs/the cast's efforts.

Cinematographer: Jurgen Lisse Ⓦ (Vision Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Music: Banku Dade - Jowaa

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