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31 May 2023

Thanks for the mammaries.

by Syd Briscoe


A cheeky new campaign for Flora's vegan spread encourages consumers to 'skip the cow' when it comes to making sandwiches, toast, and all things buttery.

Pablo London have created a series of irreverent OOH billboards for the brand, to spread the word about the plant-based dairy alternative. Featuring sketchy pictures of animals and questioning the logic of consuming another creature's milk, they encourage customers to consider whether it doesn't make more sense to cut the cow out of the equation altogether.

This very concept of dairy gets called into question by this fun poster.  

Dan Watts, ECD at Pablo, explained the campaign in punny fashion by commenting: "Cow butter's not weird. But it's not... not weird. The more Pablo works with Flora Plant and writes to 'Skip the Cow' the more fun we seem to have. We look forward to seeing where we can take this 'moo'vement next."

We look forward to seeing where we can take this 'moo'vement next.

Dan Watts, ECD at Pablo London.   


Ian Hepburn, UK Marketing Director of Flora Plant's parent company Upfield, also expressed his happiness at the campaign's public impact. "We're delighted at the continued success of the Skip the Cow campaign and the light-hearted provocation that makes people stop and think. It has driven record levels of awareness and consideration for Flora Plant and more and more households are buying the brand as a result."

Butter lovers are encouraged to ruminate on the dairy creation process.  

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