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23 May 2023

Zornitsa Dimitrova signs with Eleanor Films.

by Jason Stone


Bulgarian-born director Zornitsa Dimitrov has been added to the global roster at Eleanor Films. A graduate of the esteemed Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Dimitrov caught the eye of Eleanor president Sophie Gold because of the "exceptional purity of her craft".

Eleanor Films are bigging up their new signing with uncommon and eloquent enthusiasm. They ask us to picture what it's like working in a creative space with Dimitrova. A place, they say, where "a magical balance is struck between precision and improvisation, where a mutual trust between actor and director is fostered, and where multidimensional characters, evocative storytelling, and strong messaging reign."

There's a plethora of evidence for this in Zornitsa Dimitrova's remarkable short film, 'A Dark Moment of Faith', (below) which addresses the sordid reality of sex work for an impoverished young woman. It is a compelling tale, and it's told with a confrontational candour, and it's been compiled using the eye of a skilled documentarian without ever loosening the narrative grip for a single second.

According to Josie Juneau, MD of Eleanor London, “Zornitsa's work has a beautiful aesthetic that draws you in instantly — with engaging topics and masterful flow, her pieces are just joyous to watch. The level of emotion she's able to infuse into her work is incredible — you'll most likely find yourself hitting replay on her work just to feel it again."

Dimitrova's film for McDonald's, highlighting their support for International Women's Day, bristles with defiance as its protagonists push back against old-fashioned notions of femaleness. Apparently, there is a literal dimension to this defiance: a hidden middle finger contained in each of Dimitrova's films... a postmodern twist on Alfred Hitchcock's cameo habit.

Sophie Gold says of her new signing: "The way she chronicles the journeys of her characters never feels forced — rather, she captures the story in its purest form. She lets inspiration flow, rather than trying to make it into something that it's not. To me, that’s the hallmark of a creative who understands that sometimes, you just have to let the story unfold.”

Zornitsa Dimitrova is excited too: "Signing with Eleanor feels like the start of a wondrous adventure to explore the unconventional side of my work further. Since the beginning, we’ve shared the same thoughts and vision, making this an intuitive choice for me.”

At DAVID, we look forward to seeing how Zornitsa Dimitrova's story unfolds, and if you'd like to know more, contact Josie in London using josie@eleanor.co or Sophie in Los Angeles using sophie@eleanor.co.

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