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23 January 2023

It's Tucker Bliss for HAMLET.

by Andrew MacGregor


Director Tucker Bliss has made his way to HAMLET for work in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and China. The New York native flits between commercials and short films with ease, earning him the admiration of people like executive producer Jason Felstead.

"Tucker is a true storyteller, and this is the very reason I wanted him on the HAMLET roster," says Felstead, who's got big plans for the American in Brussels and beyond. "The way he brings real life to a screen in his environments, cast, music, and sound make him a natural."

Felstead adds: "I feel that we are entering an era with more authenticity in film and in work that speaks to an audience through emotions and realism. Tucker does that in a relatable way. He also has buckets of charisma and kindness—two very important and loveable characteristics."

At the same time, HAMLET ticked all of Bliss's boxes: "Once we had a long chat, it just felt like a great cultural fit. Good work, good people, and a mutual understanding of the importance of both in advertising. Looking forward to creating some amazing spots with them that blend the lines between subtle comedy and charming reality, smack dab in my favorite happy medium."

To discuss Tucker Bliss further, drop Jason Felstead a line via jason@hamlet.tv.

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