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1 April 2024

Tim McNaughton consolidates relationship with Arts & Sciences.

by Jason Stone


Director Tim McNaughton has consolidated his relationship with trans-Atlantic production house Arts & Sciences after he and fellow Bobbsey Twin Freddy Mandy decided to go their separate ways.

The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide began their directorial partnership just over ten years ago, and the work directed by the duo over the last decade speaks volumes for both directors.

McNaughton and Mandy have been operating independently within the partnership for a while, having found themselves in different hemispheres. Arts & Sciences MD Mal Ward explains: "[Tim] and Freddy have divided and conquered across the globe - literally and figuratively - and Iím excited by whatís to come as we partner with Tim on his journey. Timís an extraordinary director. Heís a sharp filmmaker with incredible taste and vision."

The decision to break up the brand is described as "mutual" for the lifelong best friends, who will now in Timís words, "explore their individual artistic expressions and make twice as much money."

McNaughton's solo work with the partnership includes striking work for the National Lottery and NatWest.

When asked for comment about the split, his ex Bobbsey-partner Freddy Mandy said: ďTim? Tell that guy heís still got my lawnmower.Ē

Timís an extraordinary director. Heís a sharp filmmaker with incredible taste and vision.

Mal Ward   


For more on Tim McNaughton or any of Arts & Sciences's fabulous roster of talent, speak to James Bland via email on james@artsandsciences.com or on 020 8087 2966.

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