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6 June 2023

Seven new directors at Papaya London.

by Andrew MacGregor


Papaya London are feeling lucky as they welcome seven new directors to the roster: Daniel Eceolaza, Frédéric De Pontcharra, Terry Paul, Jasmine de Silva, Benjamin Nicolas, Hora Bolz, and Matthew Sterling.

The gang are met by Papaya's ecstatic executive producer Gem Souleyman, who says: "We're happy to release our latest director signings, presenting a captivating blend of diverse talents. This dynamic group comprises established visionaries with remarkable portfolios and rising stars whose potential we're eager to nurture and spotlight."

Click here to see how Papaya London's roster shapes up. For more information, ring Corin West on 07792 675 779 or email corin@lemonadereps.com.

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