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19 May 2024

Lucky number seven for Imagine This.

by Andrew MacGregor


The roster at Imagine This, the creative studio launched by Toby Walsham in March, has grown from seventeen to twenty-four. "We like to think of ourselves as creative allies," says Walsham, with more partners set to join the near future.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though... who are the seven newcomers that Imagine This are so excited about? They are: director Robert Boocheck; editor Brady Darragh; art director Alexander Alien; AI artist and photographer Asiko; writer and director Devon Ferguson; director and photographer Sepia; and music agency Resister.

Why such a capable and eclectic bunch? We'll let Walsham explain: "Our purpose is to create a new way for growing brands and agencies to engage with creative talent of all disciplines. The need for multiplatform content at speed is at an all-time high, therefore we have developed a model that brings the best creators and thinkers together to solve any client content need, providing agility and top-tier creativity without compromising on craftsmanship.

"We use our breadth of capabilities and connections to plug in where needed—whether it's connecting people with the right talent, providing strategic insight, navigating new technology, or simply getting the job done." That sounds like imagination and organisation in perfect harmony.

To talk more about Imagine This and that, drop Toby Walsham a line via toby@imaginethis.studio.

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