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13 September 2021

Rollo Hollins joins Armoury.

by Andrew MacGregor


Dalston-based production company Armoury have added Rollo Hollins to their directing roster.

Hollins is perhaps known for his tricksy 2019 promo for Bearís Denís 'Hiding Bottles'. Addressing the issue of alcohol abuse and its effect on families, the film explores timelines coming together and diverging - mixing events that did happen, could happen, and didn't take place at all.

It's an unusual approach to take, considering the majority of artistic work in this vein addresses substance abuse in a more immediate way, focusing on the addict themselves. To see the tables turned makes for thought-provoking viewing.

Such work leads Armoury executive producer Matt Hichens to say: "We couldnít be happier that Rollo has finally signed on the dotted line! He and I have been talking for a while and I'm such a fan of his work."

Really pleased to announce this latest development of my evil master plan.

Rollo Hollins, director at Armoury.   


"His composed realism is breathtaking - he is that rare director that nails the advertising brief while bringing an edge to his work, be it through technique or his casting. We look forward to Rollo taking the industry by storm."

As for the man himself, Hollins is "really pleased to announce this latest development of my evil master plan". Once the maniacal laughter dies down, the director adds: "BIG LOVE to the Armoury gang for having me onboard."

You can watch more of Rollo Hollins's work here. To discuss matters further, ring Matt Hichens on 020 7254 9199 or email matt@armourylondon.com.

You can also speak with Corin West at Lemonade Reps on 07792 675 779 or via corin@lemonadereps.com.

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