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15 October 2020

Reynald Gresset heads to The Sweetshop.

by Syd Briscoe


The Sweetshop's UK arm have added London-based director Reynald Gresset to their team.

Known for his thoughtful and cinematic work across many different sectors, Gresset initially shot live performances and interviews for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, and Nirvana. This was followed by a stint in international news - an experience which informs much of Gresset's reel.

One project which embodies the Frenchman's intrepid style is a 2017 ad for home improvement store Leroy Merlin, wherein a stricken couple transform their place into a houseboat. Canny lighting and striking visual effects do the concept justice, aided by Gresset's light, relatable touch.

Iím looking forward to exploring some exciting opportunities and making some powerful films together.

Reynald Gresset.   


Sweetshop London's executive producer, Morgan Whitlock, explains Gresset's appeal: "Reynald has an almost unique ability to weave raw fragments of real life into even the most vast and effect-driven films. I have wanted to work with him from the moment I started repping. I'm beyond excited about the work weíre going to make together."

Gresset, too, is excited to see where this new creative alliance takes him: "Itís an honour to be able to extend my relationship with Sweetshop into the UK market.

"The energy of the management team here is really inspiring, and Iíve been impressed not only by the depth of their production experience but also their handle on how the industry is evolving. Iím looking forward to exploring some exciting opportunities and making some powerful films together."

For more information about Reynald Gresset and his upcoming projects, take a look at his Sweetshop page and get in touch with Morgan Whitlock at morgan@thesweetshop.tv or on 020 7636 1449.

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