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8 February 2024

Revolver sign Gabriel Gasparinatos.

by Andrew MacGregor


Revolver have added "dynamic, authentic, and provocative" director Gabriel Gasparinatos to their ranks. The move follows the release of 'ONEFOUR: Against All Odd', a documentary about drill rap and police harassment in Sydney, Australia.

Before that, Gasparinatos co-directed a short film about Indigenous Australian rapper Nooky with Corey Webster and Kieran Satour. Nooky's teacher described Aboriginal Australians as "dirty people with no civilization", making Webster ashamed of his heritage. If it wasn't for his mum's inspiring words, he may never have founded We Are Warriors.

A social enterprise focused on Black and Indigenous youth, We Are Warriors aims to ensure no one feels like Webster in that dreary classroom ever again. His peers—musicians, photographers, models, podcast hosts—bear similar scars, but also his ironclad belief in First Nations youth. Consequently, 'Through the Fire' celebrates both modern and traditional forms of self-expression.

The film has done gangbusters on Netflix, much to the delight of Revolver MD Michael Ritchie: "What is compelling about the ONEFOUR documentary is the authenticity of Gabriel's directorial voice—a voice that is undeniably embedded in his approach to commercial projects. He is the real deal, and we are very excited to work with him."

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