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30 March 2021

Quba Tuakli joins Caviar.

by Syd Briscoe


Rising director Quba Tuakli has joined Caviar's London roster for representation.

Having initially stumbled upon filmmaking while studying for a degree in architecture, the South Londoner has gained tons of creative experience from manifold directions. This includes time as creative director for taste-making print magazine Wave, in addition to taking various positions throughout the ad industry.

Stripes thus earned, Tuakli jumped behind the camera - shooting a series of shorts, music promos, and documentary pieces. His talent for casting soon became apparent, and quirky narratives such as this fashionable spin on 'Back to the Future' for Ralph Lauren quickly caught Caviar's eye.

As MD Sorcha Shepherd explains: "Here is a really good lesson in finding new talent. If a new director emails you, open the email and watch their work! Quba’s work that I saw initially was quite diverse tonally, but I was drawn to his performances and how brilliantly he directs his talent."

Quba's unique tone of voice makes me very excited that we will be supporting him in his very bright future.

Sorcha Shepherd, Caviar MD.   


"After our first meeting, it was obvious to me that he would have some brilliant stories to tell. Quba's unique tone of voice makes me very excited that we will be supporting him in his very bright future. Plus, he has incredible manners."

Caviar and Tuakli's partnership is off to a flying start, as they have already shot a promo for Brixton-based Turkish artist Emir Taha's track 'Katakulli'. The surreal exploration of feeling disillusioned by one's environment has a delirious edge to it, and should inspire excitement about what the offbeat director will come up with next.

For more information on Quba Tuakli's availability, get in touch with Caviar's Ellie Goodwin on 020 3219 7960, or drop her an email at ellie.goodwin@caviar.tv

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