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29 July 2020

Park Village sign Nos.

by Syd Briscoe


Park Village have bolstered their roster with the signing of cinematographer-turned-director Nos.

Having first cut his teeth as a stills photographer and then honed his craft to become a skilled DOP, Nos (aka Ntando Brown) brings an eye for detail and distinctive visual flair to each project. From boldly shot live performances to thought-provoking documentary work, his reel boasts a wealth of content.

Fans of grime music and its history may be familiar with Nos's work on Channel 4 documentary 'Pirate Mentality', which examined the influence of pirate radio on the British music scene.

This, alongside work on a recent reboot of MTV classic 'YO! MTV Raps', demonstrate the director's ability to tell energetic and compelling stories in a way that never fails to engage his audience. It's no wonder Park Village are happy to have him aboard.

Iím very excited to get him working and winning over the rest of the world with his wonderful (and occasionally wild) ideas.

Isaac Tomiczek, Head of New Business at Park Village.   


Isaac Tomiczek, Head of New Business, explains: "I first met Nos at a BFI Future Film talk where he was a panellist. He was passionate, candid, insightful, inspirational, and as a result I quickly found myself getting excited about his filmmaking.

"I then saw him working and was very impressed with his pleasant personality, poise, approach to a certain level of perfection, and his professionalism (in the face of challenges), all of which I believe are traits that single out some of the very best directors."

In addition to his enviable skills when it comes to shooting live music, Nos has also received critical plaudits for his refined approach to storytelling. His promo for Che Lingo's 'My Block', for example, was hailed for its bold depiction of Black British identity.

This, coupled with a reel which features commercial work for major fashion and lifestyle brands, suggests Nos's skillset will only increase with Park Village's backing.

The director says: "It's an exciting  jump for me to feel like I have a team behind me supporting me to go further as a director. I'm truly looking forward to building on my aspirations of always pushing the boundaries of creativity in the commercial and narrative realm, with a team that is so well versed in those worlds."

For more information about Nos's upcoming work, get in touch with Tom Webb at tom@parkvillage.co.uk or on 020 7387 8077.

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