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9 July 2024

AI up, it's Keanu Reeves!

by Andrew MacGregor


The New Yorker once said Keanu Reeves was too good for this earth. This visual effects-heavy commercial for Palo Alto Networks shows he has indeed left our planet. Why? Because someone needs to fight cybersecurity threats head on.

"It was just a regular cybersecurity Monday," says J (Reeves), and that is your chance to check out. Still here? Then strap yourself in for one of the strangest commercials about AI in recent memory. Few of them have moved the needle at all, it must be said, but 'Origin' raises a lot of questions.

First, why J? Just have Reeves play himself! Second, why does the war between AI and, erm, AI take placein a desert? Third, does the gear provided to J (steampunk goggles, a weird-ass spectre) scream elite cybersecurity to you? The brand sure as hell hope so, as they need to make back the money spent on Reeves somehow.

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