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14 March 2023

Outsider welcome Jason Lowe.

by Andrew MacGregor


Director, photographer, and café culture fiend Jason Lowe is the latest addition to Outsider's formidable roster. Over the years, Lowe has opened his own restaurant (Towpath in Dalston) and made all manner of dishes look their best on screen and in print. So what does he think about the next stage of his career?

"2023 looks like it's going to be a great vintage! I'm excited to be welcomed into the Outsider family and look forward to whetting your appetites," Lowe says, which is just what managing partners Richard Packer and Simon Elborne want to hear.

Outsider's joint chiefs say: "We've admired Jason's work for so long. It's hard not to have been influenced, inspired and made to salivate by the films, photographs and cook books he's brought to life. As massive foodies ourselves we’re so excited about what we'll create together, and the things we'll get to eat along the way!"

As Parker and Elborne try to keep their rumbling stomachs in check, let's take a look at Lowe's recent work for Fox's Biscuits. Chocolate threatens to pour out of the screen as it coats the advertised cookie, with Lowe almost daring viewers to reach out and get stuck in. Whatever the director serves up next, Outsider will ensure everyone gets a taste.

Ready to work with Jason Lowe? Then call Otis Denison on 020 7636 6666 or email otis@outsider.tv.

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