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4 December 2023

Miranda May joins Kode.

by Andrew MacGregor


It's May in December for Kode, as director Miranda May joins for commercial and music video representation. She dropped out of Kingston University to gain hands-on work experience—a decision that's paid off in spades.

"It's been wild," May says, "and I ain't stoppin'!" That's good news for brands like H&M, FIFA, and Coca-Cola, as well as artists like Ellie Goulding and Jaydonclover. The bullish filmmaker adds: "Now I want to enter my era of making the seriously good shit. That's why I'm excited to get busy with KODE because I think together, we can really do that."

This plan suits executive producer Jack Goodwin: "Miranda has done an exceptional job of building a reel in a short space of time, which brings together colour and design in a sophisticated way. She has a vision, and passion for the work she makes, and I love that she's joining KODE with an infectious fire in her to make good work with good people."

In the meantime, check out this plug for H&M's Hawaii Keisuke range—a tie-up between fashion designer Ryan Hawaii and contemporary artist Shane Berkery. May lets them write, draw, paint, and sew at will, as if any pause would be detrimental to their health. That means there's no time for gags from comedian-stroke-fashion model Munya Chawawa.

Click here to see more of Miranda May's work. Next, email leanne.tarvin@kodemedia.com or ring 020 8133 5633.

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