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16 February 2021

Armoury stock up on Marc Sidelsky.

by Andrew MacGregor


Well-travelled commercial and promo director Marc Sidelsky has joined Armoury for UK representation.

Toronto-born Sidelsky studied film production at the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA) in Johannesburg. After a brief stint as a creative researcher, he was ready to call action.

Early work for Volkswagen established Sidelsky's comedy credentials, as well as his lively, offbeat aesthetic. Recent highlights include a freewheeling commercial for KFC, and a piece for shoe retailer Shelflife that impressed Armouryís Matt Hichens with its subversive flair.

Marc Sidelsky is a perfect fit for Armoury's particular brand of humour.

Matt Hichens, managing director at Armoury.   


"We discovered this film and loved it," managing director Hichens explains. "After a bit of digging we reached out to him and viewed the rest of his work. It made us smile big time and donít we all need that right now?!"

Hichens also calls Sidelsky "a perfect fit for Armoury's particular brand of humour", and commends his ability "to form really tight bonds with his actors and bring out the perfect balance of quirk". With HQ fully behind him, all Sidelsky needs now is the right script to open his UK account.

You can watch more of Marc Sidelsky's work here. Next, call Armoury's Matt Hichens on 020 7254 9199 or email matt@armourylondon.com.

You can also get the lowdown from Corin West at Lemonade Reps. Just ring 07792 675 779 or drop him a line via corin@lemonadereps.com.

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