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22 January 2023

Lance Oppenheim arrives at Biscuit Filmworks.

by Andrew MacGregor


American director Lance Oppenheim has joined Biscuit Filmworks for UK and US representation. A Florida native and Harvard graduate, Oppenheim is perhaps best known for 2020's 'Some Kind of Heaven', a documentary about the world's largest retirement community.

The Villages covers more than thirty-two square miles spread over three counties, with tens of thousands of residents in what some call "Disneyland for retirees". Surrounded by golf carts, water aerobics classes, and a ton of Viagra, Oppenheim explores the effects of unlimited sunshine on one's twilight years.

This, and a host of New York Times op-eds, brought him to the attention of Biscuit MD Shawn Lacy, who says: "Lance's work is funny but also has a nuanced side that resonates so beautifully with audiences. I can't wait to help bring that emotional heartbeat to commercial projects. Lance is so remarkably smart and talented, and has so much potential in the advertising world."

Fortunately, the man from Fort Lauderdale is up for the challenge: "I'm very excited to be joining Shawn, Noam Murro, and a cohort of directors I deeply admire at Biscuit," says Oppenheim. "The work Biscuit does is singular, and I can't wait to work with them in bridging the sensibility of my film work into the world of advertising."

To discuss Lance Oppenheim further, call Rupert Reynolds-Maclean on 020 7240 9955 or email rupert@biscuitfilmworks.com.

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