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25 May 2023

LIAKH joins Spindle.

by Andrew MacGregor


Ukrainian director and Spindle new boy Daniel Liakh now goes by LIAKH instead. No longer weighed down by his first name (he keeps it in a drawer for safekeeping), LIAKH is able to create more work like this British Stammering Association ad.

The cast have all been mischaracterised at one time or another, with people assuming they're drunk, beatboxing, or out of order like a piece of machinery. Their collective riposte is simple yet powerful: "It's how I talk!" LIAKH's staccato visuals are equally effective, with a series of expressive photographs that capture each contributor mid-speech.

The advertised charity mean a lot to LIAKH (himself a lifelong stammerer), as does the chance to join Team Spindle: "To me, they are a gang of superheroes in the production Gotham City of today. I feel like Robin when he first got his cape and an invitation to the Batcave: excited, happy, and ready to fight for good work."

Daniel is a wonderful human who radiates positivity and warmth.

Stitch Richardson, managing director at Spindle.   


The Ukrainian also wants to channel humour's potential for change: "Everyone today is overly bombarded by campaigns that are extremely serious (sometimes for the right reasons) and as a result, it's really hard to cut through the noise. Comedy is often the best way to make an impact and get people to consider a different perspective."

This ticks all of MD Stitch Richardson's boxes, and a few more besides: "Daniel is a wonderful human that radiates positivity and warmth. He finds a perfect balance to his comedy whatever the subject matter, delivering the punch of the message in a way that's full of heart, while still keeping it funny. He wants to make bold, memorable work, and we're so excited we get to help him along that path."

You can see more of LIAKH's work here. Next, ring Emily Jordan-Wilson (emily@spindle.co) on 07944 678 945.

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