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11 May 2022

Jonnie Malachi is ready to lock and Kode.

by Andrew MacGregor


The government may have ruined the term levelling up forever, but director Jonnie Malachi is still determined to "level up his comedy work" at Kode. He's already directed his first ad for the company, and claims to have been promised a Super Bowl commercial into the bargain. Coupled with their proper coffee machine, Malachi is already enamoured with Kode.

"They're hungry, passionate, and committed to craft," Malachi says. "They're also very good-looking, smell nice and smile a lotů plus I really like their logo. Furthermore, it's nice spending time there away from my three kids." They must be too young to read press releases then.

If Malachi wants to make Kode HQ his second home, that suits executive producer Jack Goodwin down to the ground: "Apparently all good relationships start with a slip into the DMs. Guilty. What started with a few emojis turned into a two hour phone call, in which time I experienced how hilarious Jonnie is and began to understand how much he cares about and is fascinated by people. I was falling.

"Our first date in sunny Surbiton resulted in our first baby together [a commercial for insurance firm Simply Business]. I look forward to making many more." As he and Malachi discuss their next project over coffee, check out the director's Kode debut below.

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