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12 May 2024

Jocelyn Anquetil joins Caviar.

by Andrew MacGregor


Jocelyn Anquetil, director of commercials and music videos, has signed for Caviar in the UK and the Netherlands. The move coincides with the release of a Crisp 'N Dry spot as slick as rapeseed oil and rated N for "nosh".

The letter also appears in the form of mustard, potatoes, samosas, and bird's eye chillies, et cetera, as it is OK to play with your food sometimes. Make no mistake, Anquetil is a serious talent, and it's clear to see why Caviar have swooped when they have.

Executive producer Eleri Evans says: "I have always admired Jocelyn's distinct and innovative style. We actually worked on a music video together back in 2021, so having her join the Caviar family is a dream! Jocelyn's versatility across both the music video and commercial realms is unmistakeable—his can be hard to crack in today's dynamic industry landscape, so I'm thrilled about this partnership."

So is Anquetil, course. The Leeds-born director says: "Caviar make some really impressive work, stuff that I've admired in both recent and long-ago years and never expected to be a part of. It's wicked to be joining them and working with their absolute female force of a team, I can't wait to get stuck in and see what we cook up together!"

You can sample more of Jocelyn Anquetil's work here. To discuss a potential project, ring Georgie MacEchern on 20 3219 7960 or email georgie.macechern@caviar.tv.

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