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13 May 2024

HAMLET land Yousef.

by Andrew MacGregor


Mononymous director Yousef is now represented by HAMLET in Belgium, France, China, and the Asia–Pacific. A surrealist at heart, Yousef likes to push the boundaries of what's possible with the help of visual effects and a can-do attitude.

This suits executive producer Jason Felstead down to the ground: "With an unmatched ability to create imaginative worlds and bring captivating characters to life, Yousef brings a unique blend of artistry and storytelling to our roster." You can tell how chuffed he is to have Yousef's reel on the HAMLET website.

"He draws inspiration from his background in animation and stop-motion and seamlessly integrates its techniques into live action, enriching every project with a touch of magic," Felstead adds. "We very much look forward to the boundless creativity and transformative storytelling he will bring to our productions as we embark on an exciting journey together."

And what does his fellow adventurer have to say about it? "I'm incredibly excited to join the wonderful team at HAMLET and see what magic, fun, and silliness we can create together." With that, consider silly season to be well underway!

If you have a project that has Yousef's name all over it, ring HAMLET HQ on +32 2 330 01 40.

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