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13 January 2022

A Pun-derful New Year.

by Syd Briscoe


As January brings its usual wave of well-intentioned gym memberships and health kicks (most soon to be abandoned), a new campaign for GymBox invites potential members to approach exercise differently.

The cheeky billboards are rendered in eye-catching fashion, with bold yellow and black text drawing attention to the brand's unique lingo. In true British fashion, it lends itself quite nicely to innuendo.

Pole Tricks and Eye Yoga seem set to catch public attention.  

BMB are behind the campaign, with CCO Matt Lever explaining: "Everyone wants to learn a new language in January and we’ve got one that’s far more interesting than conversational French. Because when you speak the language of Gymbox, you become fluent in some of the most exciting and unusual exercise classes London has to offer."

Whether it encourages fewer people to give up their new health regimes as January wears on remains to be seen, but the campaign will certainly give Londoners a chuckle through the early-year greyness.

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