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13 October 2021

Common People Films welcome Virgil Ferragut.

by Andrew MacGregor


The strikingly named director Virgil Ferragut has joined Common People Films for commercial representation.

A Central Saint Martins graduate, Ferragut has "always loved strong design in all its facets", and wants to "show beauty in all things". Even rampant consumerism becomes a spectacle in Ferragut's hands.

"Scriptwriting, casting, cinematography, styling, lighting, editing, color grading... it's all equally important to me in pursuit of a single goal: films that amaze and have a voice. I'm happy to be joining this kind of company that has a very forward-thinking outlook on directing and what filmmakers can do."

It's a creative, inspiring house... I can't wait to see what we cook up together!

Virgil Ferragut, director at CMN PPL FLMS.   


Wise to Ferragut's potential is CMN PPL FLMS executive producer Emily Crofton-Atkins: "Virgil is a force - he makes sure that every script he sees gets to a calibre that is reel-worthy. He's going to be very successful here in the UK market and we're delighted to have him join our roster."

Ferragut shares Crofton-Atkins's optimism: "CMN PPL FLMs is a creative, inspiring house, working with people who have a hand in various parts of the industry. I can't wait to see what we cook up together!"

You can see more of Virgil Ferragut's work here. Next, ring Danielle Coles on 020 3951 0999 or email danielle@commonpeoplefilms.com.

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