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6 December 2023

Bob Partington hooks up with OB42.

by Andrew MacGregor


Engineer-turned-director and inventor Bob Partington has joined OB42 for commercial representation. Over the years, Partington has gained a reputation as the industry's very own Bob the Builder, and Jez Murrell is delighted to have him on site.

""It has to be believed to be seen." That quote pretty much sums up Bob Partington," says OB42's head of advertising. " He's a director, inventor, artist and blower of minds. From giant treadmills to the World's Slowest Rube Goldberg, if you can think it, Bob can build it." Murrell would love to write a song about him, though it may infringe on several copyrights.

He'd rather people watched this Rag & Bone commercial, to be honest. To promote the brand's New York Fashion Week show, Ansel Elgort and Kate Mara find themselves strapped to a variety of tricksy apparatus. Meanwhile, sinuous camerawork and choreography keep viewers on their toes.

It's beguiling to witness the way the swirling camera makes it feel as though it has been choreographed with the same care as the dancers in front of it. A trio of directors isn't always going to work but the inventiveness of Partington and Aaron Duffy complement Benjamin Millepied's performance-drive direction to create something a bit special.

For more information about Bob Partington, call Naomi George on 020 7082 5740 or email naomi@ob42.com

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