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24 February 2020

The Only Boy Racer Left on the Island

by Syd Briscoe

The Howl & The Hum: “The Only Boy Racer Left on the Island” - 4 mins 33s

A charged portrait of an Australian town and its inhabitants accompanies The Howl & The Hum's latest track, ‘The Only Boy Racer Left on The Island’. Director Matthew Thorne returned to his hometown for the project, and his intimate knowledge of local culture pairs beautifully with DP Adric Watson's considered shots - framing the people and their raw landscape as inextricable from each other.

Masculinity in particular is under the microscope here, as physical aggression and petrol-head culture battle against a family's attempts to remain whole without losing their heart. This film will resonate deeply for anyone with a small-town childhood under their belt, offering a sun-bleached window through which audiences can reflect on their own experiences too.

Film Production: Stink Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Matthew Thorne Ⓦ (Stink Rising Ⓦ)
Executive Producer: Katie Lambert / Martha McGuirk
Cinematographer: Adric Watson

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