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10 December 2018

I will make you hurt.

by Andrew MacGregor

Women's Aid: “More Than Bruises” - 2 mins 41s

Hayley Atwell undergoes a gruelling transformation in this well-constructed Women's Aid film from director Paul Andrew Williams, as the organisation use an actor's make-up session to underline how mere seconds can have devastating consequences.

Once a chirpy Atwell arrives on set, her make-up crew set to work on crafting a distressing facial wound. Thanks to a combination of prosthetics, fake blood, and a few drops of water, Atwell looks every inch the victim… although the only cost to her is time.

The charity reveal that Atwell's ‘ordeal' took around two hours to complete, while a real-life victim of domestic abuse suffered the same in only twenty seconds - a compelling work of fact and fiction.

Film Production: RSA Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Producer: Kai Lu Hsiung / Caspar Delaney
Production M'ger: Lily Moore
Production Ass'nt: Stephanie Werrell Smyth
1st AD: Sam Powell
2nd AD: Richard McDonald
Cinematographer: Vanessa Whyte
1st AC / Focus Puller: Frankie Napoli
2nd AC: Pip White
Costume Design: Zelda Sellars
Make-Up: Bev Pond-Jones / Elizabeth Hedley / Lauren Kay

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