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12 February 2020

When in Winona.

by Andrew MacGregor

Squarespace: “Winona in Winona” - 60s

Winona Ryder meets her namesake in this off-kilter Squarespace ad, which borrows liberally from the world of ‘Fargo’ in terms of visuals, performance, and setting. Welcome, therefore, to Winona, Minnesota.

Shot on the outskirts of town (est. 1851), the commercial has Ryder explain her presence to a ‘Minnesota nice’ state trooper. In typical ‘Fargo’ fashion, however, the conversation goes everywhere and nowhere fast.

Apparently, all Ryder wants to do is help put Winona on the map courtesy of the advertised website. How she manages to get internet in the snow is unclear, but it’s good enough for local law enforcement.

The result is a well-observed riff on the brand’s obsession with dual identities. The ad’s deliberately blank execution, however, may leave some viewers feeling, well, cold.

Film Production: Anonymous Content Ⓦ
Director: Tim Godsall Ⓦ
Location: Winona, Minnesota

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