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23 November 2017

Soar: Fluorescent adolescents.

by Andrew MacGregor

Soar: “It's Just a Phase” - 2 mins

Adolescence isn’t all teenage kicks and zero responsibility. Irish youth organisation Soar depict the highs and lows of teenhood. An impassioned narrator asks us to recount various teenage milestones: some positive, others negative, all part of growing up.

Kate Waters's lyrical script is both sharp and reflective. “How the fuck should I know the speed of train X?” bristles with pre-exam anguish, while “Freedom to go anywhere with nowhere to go” evokes invisible boundaries.

Meanwhile, director P.O.B. produces some affecting compositions. One sunlit shot in an assembly hall conveys youthful isolation particularly well. The organisation appreciate such concerns and suggest they can offer positive guidance.

Creative Agency: Rothco
Creative Director: Steve Rogers Ⓦ
Creative: Kate Waters
Senior Acc Handler: Alan McQuaid
Account Director: Emily Lyons
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