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11 August 2019

Word play.

by Andrew MacGregor

Sky Sport: “Tie” - 30s

As any golfer will tell you, shot selection is crucial. The same applies to a couple in the middle of an argument; do you risk an aggressive drive, or go for something more cutting and incisive? That's the idea behind this well performed commercial for New Zealand's Sky Sport.

Battle lines are drawn when a bloke knocks his in-laws' stuffy dress code. Hellbent on levelling the score, his partner then drafts in her ‘insult caddy' - who turns hubby's foibles into potential game-changers.

The hushed run-through of possible barbs (mocking his "little-bitty hands" is deemed too unsporting) is nicely played, though the punchline is marred by an early burst of crowd noise. A little more restraint would have ensured a hole-in-one, so to speak.

Director: Ric Cantor Ⓦ (Friend London Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematographer: John Toon

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