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25 April 2019

Ice cream palaver.

by Andrew MacGregor

Short Films: “Sunday” - 7 mins 53s

This diverting animation from director Neil Stubbings evokes early Wallace and Gromit as a penguin wages war on an ice cream vending machine and its incompetent operator. What begins as an Antarctic melee soon turns into a sci-fi caper, with the birds unwittingly dragging a traveler from outer space into their realm.

The quirky premise allows for some lovely slapstick moments, thanks in large part to products made by the Galactic brand - Stubbings's answer to the Acme Corporation. This zany spirit is augmented by bright, scratchy animation with a pleasing ombré-style colour palette.

There is an edge to proceedings, however, with the penguins committing some morally dubious acts in the pursuit of ice cream. Still, when the heat's on, who can blame them?

Director: Neil Stubbings Ⓦ (Jelly London Ⓦ)

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