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15 December 2019

As Long as There's Light, We've Got a Chance

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Star Wars: Origins” - 20 mins 21s

On the eve of Episode IX release comes this adrenaline-fuelled Star Wars fan film, simply entitled 'Origins'. Written and directed by Phil Hawkins, the film brings 'a long time ago' into our very own galaxy, as a team of archaeologists uncover artefacts which suggest the original trilogy didn't take place as 'far, far away' as we thought.

There are Easter eggs throughout for both casual and committed fans alike to revel in, from an 'I love you / I know' exchange to a tossed-away training droid and even a callback to Obi Wan's famous "that's no moon" line. Add in the 1940s setting and the sudden appearance of a battalion of Nazis, and this feel like the lovechild of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

There are moments of pure cheese, of course, but isn't that what makes this sort of thing so enjoyable? Sacrifices for the greater good are made, baddies are defeated, and the light side prevails over the dark. Given recent events, we can't find any shame in enjoying the good guys winning, for once.

1st AD: Danny Baker
Director's Agent: The Visionaries Ⓟ Ⓦ
Cinematographer: David Meadows
Costume Design: Loick Pingaud
Casting: Martin Gibbons

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