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24 September 2019

Digital Dreams

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Playgrounds” - 4 mins 36s

This lovely slice of nostalgia from directing duo Milo + Fab transports viewers back to the early 90s with a wave of suburban nostalgia. The digital universes of childhood take centre stage, as kids disappear into 16-bit games, electronic entertainment, and elaborate action figure displays to create their own private worlds.

With a dreamy soundtrack and a static vibe, this film is bound to resonate with anyone who spent most of their leisure time hiding in their bedroom even before the introduction of WiFi. Surreal, pixelated flares only enhance the dreamlike quality of the piece, sparking memories of late nights and games ready to be picked back up in the morning.

Director: Milo + Fab
3D VFX: Milo + Fab / Francesco Buttarelli
Animation VFX: Alessandro Righi / Emanuele Serniotti
Sound Designer: John Wells
Music: Sum of All Things - Gavin Luke

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