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17 January 2019

NSFP (Not Safe For Plates)

by Syd Briscoe

Short Films: “Foodporn” - 90s

When we talk about 'food porn' at DAVID, we're usually referring to loving shots of velvety gravy caressing steaming meat, with a breathless voiceover oozing myriad 'luxurious' superlatives for good measure. This short film from Seed Animation, however, gives the phrase a whole new - and much more literal - meaning.

To describe this montage of frisky food as suggestive would be selling it short - there are self-saucing salads, flashing fajitas, and buxom burgers aplenty, each rendered in a different animated style. Thanks to polished visuals and an appropriately sleazy soundtrack, viewers may never look at a slice of pizza quite the same way again.

Film Production: Seed Animation Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Maya Reményi / Rachael Olga Lloyd / Giacomo Autili / Amanda Eliasson / Agne Jurkenaite / Will & Joe / Tom Fisher / Kinga Kindraczuk / Jenny Wright / Catherine Prowse / Mabli Bach / Siobhan Smith / Lisa O'Sullivan / Ed Smith

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