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23 October 2019

Back on the streets.

by Andrew MacGregor

SNIPES: “Dirt Bikers of Philadelphia” - 1 min 48s

Philadelphia-born rapper Meek Mill returns to his hometown in this pacy commercial for streetwear brand Snipes. Driven by Mill's defiant narration and the incessant roar of dirt bike engines, the ad offers a vibrant (or possibly rose-tinted) insight into one of America's most turbulent cities.

Like 'Creed''s Ryan Coogler before him, director Pascal Kerouche pays particular attention to the city's dirt bike subculture. This complements Mill's half-rapped narration well, as he explains how the Philly streets can quickly become a "trap" - and two wheels are the best way to push limits.

In this regard, Mill is a bold choice of spokesman given his ongoing legal issues, including an arrest for reckless endangerment whilst riding a - you guessed it - dirt bike. Just another quirk of this seemingly straightforward commercial.

Film Production: Hamlet Ⓦ
Director: Pascal Kerouche
Executive Producer: Jens Gröger / Ruben Goots / Jason Felstead
Cinematographer: Julius Krappe
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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