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6 December 2018

Party like it's the Nineties.

by Andrew MacGregor

PlayStation: “PlayStation Classic” - 30s

Keen to replicate the success of Nintendo's NES and SNES Classic consoles, Sony introduce their own miniature nostalgia hit - the, erm, not-so imaginatively named PlayStation Classic. Fortunately, this 30" launch ad from BBH New York and animation studio Buck has enough 32-bit pizzazz to compensate.

Scored by the Chemical Brothers' ‘Block Rockin' Beats', the ad deftly mashes together characters and vehicles from the console's twenty-game line-up, including Tekken 3's King, Ridge Racer's multi-hued roadsters, and even the PlayStation's iconic demo disc T-Rex.

Even if some of the platform's defining titles are absent, this graphical throwback suggests there is enough to satisfy those who cherish a time when online multiplayer and non-blocky hands were the stuff of a mad man's dreams.

Director: Buck Ⓟ Ⓦ (Friend London Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Music: Block Rockin’ Beats - The Chemical Brothers

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