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25 March 2019

Shitfest UK

by Syd Briscoe

Our Future, Our Choice: “People's Vote” - 60s

As a petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU tops 5.5 million signatures, the prospect of a rosy Brexit seems increasingly unlikely (if, indeed, it were ever possible at all). This astute film throws the pro-Leave camp's fairytale view of Britain's future into sharp relief - mixing influencer language with stock footage to highlight the unrealistic nature of the Leave claims like the most tone-deaf travel commercial.

From the white cliffs of Dover to groups of (older) people enjoying a genteel game of boules or cricket, and even that oh so popular sport of, erM, Morris dancing, each shot mixes Middle England fantasy with the hazy glow of false nostalgia. An electronic soundtrack enhances the feeling that something isn't quite right until the beat drops… there's something oddly satisfying about seeing 'Brexit is a Shitfest' spelled out in black and white.

Creative: Daniel Fisher / Lloyd Daniel
Film Production: Odelay Films
Director: Ben Falk
Producer: Ersan Beskardes
Editor: Danny Peter Smith
Audio Mix: Jamie Gamache

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