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18 July 2019

I'm Not Afraid

by Syd Briscoe

One True Pairing: “I'm Not Afraid” - 3 mins 39s

One True Pairing - solo project of Tom Fleming, formerly a member British art-rockers Wild Beasts - makes a splash with this artsy promo for 'I'm Not Afraid'. With a debut album described as being shaped by '"class frustration and self-despair", it's no wonder that Fleming's taut performance is met by director Ewan Jones Morris's equally moody visuals.

Using a cut-out technique that blends still imagery with live action to create an almost stop-motion effect, the visuals are as striking as the artist's distinctive vocals. Blending elements of DIY and punk aesthetic with classical art references, this offers a thought-provoking look at interpreting hope in the modern world.

Film Production: Friends Electric Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Ewan Jones Morris Ⓦ
Producer: Xavier Questel
Production Ass'nt: Giles Nathan
Cinematographer: Harry Barber
Stylist: Cynthia Lawrence-John / Tate Abbott (Ass'nt)
Choreography: Simon Donnellon

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