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9 July 2019

Winning over the world.

by Jason Stone

Nike: “Never Stop Winning” - 60s

As the USA team celebrated their unprecedented achievement of four successive World Cup final wins, the chants of "equal pay" chimed powerfully around the stadium. The case is unarguable. The women's national team has far outstripped its male equivalent, becoming a worldwide sensation into the bargain - and their financial reward should reflect that.

Megan Rapinoe has demonstrated a willingness to stand up for her principles at every opportunity, and hers is a courage which puts the spotlight on every white athlete who has declined the opportunity to support their black teammates' protests.

It's little wonder then that this team's performance has proved so inspiring some young children have reportedly asked their mothers whether "boys play football too".

These days, where there's a righteous movement in sport, you can be sure Nike are not far behind. To be fair to the sportswear giant, this is not to say they are in the habit of jumping aboard bandwagons... in truth, they're more often co-piloting them. But, equally, it would be naive to deny that there's a degree of opportunism in their wokeful stance. There clearly is. But, ultimately, it doesn't matter why you're stood on the right side of history... because so long as you're stood there, that's what everyone will remember. Something that those facilitating the modern strain of bigotry would do well to remember.

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