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28 November 2017

New Zealand Police: Capering Cops, Batman!

by Syd Briscoe

New Zealand Police: “Recruitment Video” - 3 mins

This unconventional film for the New Zealand Police has been dubbed the 'most entertaining recruitment video ever' by several outlets - and we can see why. Featuring over seventy real police officers, sniffer dogs and cats, a helicopter, and numerous stunts, the film has captured attention with its very Kiwi sense of humour.

Moments of absurdity are weaved in well, as cops deliver their pieces to camera while going about their daily business - leaping over fences and crashing through gardens while they fight crime. We particularly like the guy who stops to help an old lady across the road, and is treated (subjected) to some unusual entertainment...

The casting shows off the diversity and inclusiveness the force is striving to maintain with this recruitment drive. Including bloopers over the end credits is a particularly smart move, humanising the people behind the uniforms and providing an extra dose of humour.

Film Production: The Sweetshop Ⓦ
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
Cinematography: Andrew Stroud
Editor: Martin Spencer
Colourist: Dave Gibson
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