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7 February 2019

A ton of fun.

by Andrew MacGregor

NFL: “The 100th Game” - 2 mins

NFL stars past and present have a ball in this frenetic Super Bowl commercial, which sees a black tie dinner descend into a gridiron free for all. Unable to curb their competitive streaks for just one night, the cast pursue an errant football as if the Vincent Lombardi Trophy depended on it.

Among those chucking themselves through tables and cakes are Von Miller, Peyton Manning, and now-six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, while the NFL's first female official Sarah Thomas and youngster Samantha Gordon ensure this doesn't turn into a sausage-fest.

There is one notable absentee, however, and that's Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback-turned-activist remains in NFL exile after his 2016 protest kneel, which somewhat mars this centennial celebration.

Nonetheless, it's a well-staged paean to the sport's exuberant nature, as well as a strong reminder never to combine ball games with formal events.

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