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3 February 2020

Housebound heroes.

by Andrew MacGregor

NFL: “Next 100” - 2 mins 51s

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL exile often makes it difficult to judge the brand’s advertising on its own merits - especially when their centennial celebrations have made virtually no mention to the man. Three-and-a-half years later, it’s still a hefty elephant in the room.

While the league’s 2020 commercial avoids such tough questions, it does deliver a likeable paean to gridiron’s young guns - namely a teenage running back with a shock of peroxide blonde hair and unlimited stamina.

Across three breakneck minutes, he runs the gauntlet of opponents, construction equipment, and Mardi Gras revellers, among others, to “take it to the house” (or score a touchdown after a long run). He, of course, is just one of many set to go the distance.

Scored by Ray Charles’s ‘What I’d Say’, the ad takes joy in the sport’s heritage, hard knocks, and, crucially, its desire to coax youngsters onto the field. It also has more NFL alumni than we’d care to mention (or, let’s be honest, recognise).

Music: What I'd Say - Ray Charles

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