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7 May 2020

Non Vedo L'Ora

by Andrew MacGregor

Mel Giedroyc: “Non Vedo L'Ora” - 3 mins 10s

One of fourteen entries to comedian Tom Taylor’s Isolation Song Contest, this inspired effort by Mel Giedroyc (aka Melania) turns lockdown into a cheesy pop melodrama. Caked to the nines in fake tan, Giedroyc’s Italian diva is forced to raid the cleaning cupboard… all because her “selfish cow” of a maid is unavailable.

What follows is a bilingual treat that features tentative wiping, multiple camera dissolves, and even turns Henry the vacuum cleaner into something more, er, suggestive (“You have power, you have suction, you intimidate me”). As well as being a triumph of DIY comedy - it was filmed entirely on iPhones - it is, in a roundabout way, the best UK Eurovision entry in years.

Come on, advertising... see if you can do something this good.

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