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18 June 2019

Stand By (ft. Rudimental)

by Andrew MacGregor

Loryn: “Stand By (ft. Rudimental)” - 3 mins 21s

A well-travelled cricket ball is the star of this promo for Loryn and Rudimental's 'Stand By' - the official song of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Shifting between young and old, sand and tarmac, director Dan Henshaw and his round protagonist emphasise the sport's ability to transcend age, race, and background.

Accompanied by Loryn's punchy vocals, the promo nimbly connects a rooftop party, a cricket-loving barbershop, and a game of catch before it delivers a poignant reminder of how one's passion for the game is forged.

This is underlined by some strong close-up photography, as the cast's faces project both nostalgia and immediacy. Meanwhile, an evocative grade offers solace for those caught in one of this year's washouts.

Commissioner: Stephanie Houghton
Director: Dan Henshaw Ⓦ (MPC Creative Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematographer: Franklin Dow
Colourist: Tim Smith @ Cheat

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