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7 May 2019

I Don't Want To Be Your Love

by Andrew MacGregor

Joseph Shabason: “ I Don't Want To Be Your Love (ft. Dan Bejar)” - 4 mins 43s

A mysterious dance in the dead of night propels this compelling promo for Joseph Shabason's I Don't Want to Be Your Love', with Jared Harris (Mad Men, The Terror) confined to the passenger seat yet intimately involved in the ensuing spectacle.

Breathing wearily through a respirator, Harris's tuxedo-wearing protagonist is driven to the middle of the desert by a scantily clad associate. She then beckons a younger man in the backseat out in front of the car, who performs an elegant routine lit by headlights.

The result is a palpable, wordless exchange between the two men, as if the dancer is a surrogate for Harris's stricken passenger. Well-chosen cuts between each of them underlines the connection being forged in the gloom.

Meanwhile, director Zach Shields's patient build-up means the track itself doesn't kick in for over a minute. When it does, experimental jazz artist Shabason's oblique soundscape only deepens the promo's supple appeal.

Film Production: Object & Animal Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Zach Shields
Executive Producer: Justin Benoliel / Kelli Garner / Zach Shields
Cinematographer: Larry Sher
Choreography: Melissa Schade

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