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22 February 2020

A Bird in the Hand

by Syd Briscoe

Jobbird: “100,000 Jobs” - 35s

It's nice to see that someone, somewhere outside this rapidly-deteriorating hellscape we Brits inhabit, still appreciates so-called 'low skilled' jobs. From caring professions to number crunching and IT support, Dutch recruitment site Jobbird has thousands of 'normal' jobs available for users to peruse.

While the debate about what exactly 'low skilled' means rages on (and many argue, rather succinctly, that anyone who considers waiting tables during a rush hour or making dementia patients feel dignified to be a task without skill is talking directly out of their arse), this ad celebrates those in the background who keep everyday life running with their efforts.

With stylish visuals and a clean aesthetic, this campaign takes jobseekers seriously without being too po-faced. The final reminder that the advertised site deals with jobs, not birds, ensures that the spark of humour hits home.

Director: Sharif Abdel Mawla (Partizan Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Cinematographer: Daan Bukman
Voiceover: Ben Peel @ London Voice Boutique

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