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16 November 2017

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness: Back to humanity.

by Andrew MacGregor

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness: “Puppet” - 67s

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness urge viewers to look beyond their own four walls and help a neighbour in need. This film from St Luke's and Annexís Oscar Cariss encapsulates the dehumanising effects of isolation.

We join a wooden puppet in a darkened house. Various photos and trinkets suggest better times. While life goes on outside, it sits alone - unblinking and unfeeling. Fortunately, rescue is only a bell chime away.

Itís an effective conceit. The puppetís blank expression and sombre surroundings make loneliness tangible; his human transformation borne from kindness and nothing more. Together with this housebound experiement, 2017 is the year for reaching out.

Creative Agency: St Luke's Ⓦ
Creative: Mick Brigdale
Account Manager: Tom Carver
TV Producer: Chloe London
Film Production: Annex Films Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Oscar Cariss
Producer: Fred Robinson
Cinematography: Ed Wild
Post Production: nineteentwenty
Sound Designer: Aaron Taffel @ Grand Central
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