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20 February 2020

Give me liberty.

by Syd Briscoe

IKEA: “Everybody Needs a Place Where They Rule” - 1 min 44s

IKEA have launched this curious ode to freedom in that well-known bastion of unfettered personal expression, the United Arab Emirates. It's a strange premise, even discounting the country's well-known propensity towards denying rights to whoever they deem fit, as each historical vignette focuses on a ruling class whose 'freedom' directly relies on other people bending to their will.

The production design is admittedly strong, however, and each era is quickly identifiable through the exuberant costumes and period details. Nonetheless, it's hard to get past the supremely odd notion that one should aspire to dictatorship - even if only in the confines of a newly kitted-out living room. Vive la guillotine, if you ask us.

Cinematographer: Daniel Lindholm

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