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13 December 2019

Horror triumph at Homespun Yarns.

by Jason Stone

Homespun Yarns: “4x6” - 6 mins 07s

This short film by Jamie Gyngell was the winner of this year's Homespun Yarns competition, winning both the jury vote and the audience vote on the night. It is a beautifully constructed horror film with a real sense of unease, and it met the brief very cleverly.

The tone is set in the first few seconds by Benjamin Garrett's unsettling score, and is augmented by highly naturalistic performances, especially from Malcolm Davies as the proprietor of the photography shop at its centre.

Gyngell builds the intrigue towards a satisfyingly macabre outcome in a fashion which belies his status as a director only just breaking through. Everyone who played a part in making this film has a bright future… every element makes a crucial contribution to its chilling impact.

Director: Jamie Gyngell
Producer: Archie Johnston Stewart
Cinematographer: Ian Forbes
Production Designer: Dale Slater
Editor: Charlie von Rotberg
Colourist: Jack McGinity
Sound Designer: Neil Johnson Ⓦ (750MPH Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Composer: Benjamin Garrett

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